Stammtisch – Let’s get together

Jolly night, greeting the weekend!

Yesterday evening we went to Stammtisch, the monthly get-together event for the Deutsch Akademie, and my very first! We went together after the last German class of the week and was a very fun and memorable night. I got to know the other students in my class better, have nice chats with them and the teacher over a good drink at Gangl.

There were some contests as I could understand, where you could win books from the Deutsch Akademie, but that was already over by the time we got there from class. Nonetheless, the night was very much enjoyable and I got to learn about everybody’s cultural background, why they decided to move to Wien and even got a few nice tips over new places to visit. I really recommend this type of event, the mood was light and the people friendly, and it is also a good chance to put your spoken language skills into practice.

The most interesting aspect of the evening, however, was something that I hadn’t anticipated. Up until now, when I was in social situations and German was spoken, I had a hard time understanding and was very easily getting lost. This time, I was surprised by how much I could understand and express in return, towards staff, students and even native speakers. It was as if I had been under water for a long time and now all of a sudden, everything was starting to make sense. It’s made me very eager to continue my studies and see even better results!

I must apologize for not documenting the evening better photographically, but we were really having such a nice time that it completely slipped my mind. I promise to make up for this in the future.


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