The hardest challenge I have faced during German classes

Hi to everyone! In this post I would like to tell you about a very important thing that happened to me during the German classes I am taking in DeutschAkademie and share how I have managed to cope with it successfully.

The issue I want to talk about is fully teaching in German. Since I am currently attending level A1.2, which is still a beginner’s level, it is obviously very difficult for me to understand everything that a person says in German. Especially I have found it extremely difficult to understand the grammar that the teacher is explaining to us during classes in German, and I have already started to panic and even become angry at myself. Nevertheless, I also do understand that it is more effective to learn the language this way, and I really want to achieve a progress in my studies, thus, I have started to do several things that helped me a lot.

First, I ask the teacher to repeat slower and louder using simpler German words, and if it still does not help (which happens rarely), I make a note of what I did not understand and make my research at home after classes, taking as much time as I want. This way I do not switch to English during classes and stay with the flow. On a very rare occasion we actually do switch to English, but only in those cases when it is impossible to explain something without using the language we all speak freely. So this is how such an easy and obvious solution helps me not to get lost and learn as much German as I can. In the end, as Robin S. Sharma said, ‘Never overlook the power of simplicity.’

More posts to come, stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,

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