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Hey guys, I’m going to write in English today because I’m not feeling so well and I want to get to bed early so that I can hopefully make it to my course tomorrow and not be sick! I will make up for it with a German one soon enough, promise! I will also post more pictures including some of my class and of Vienna and Eisenstadt soon. Here’s today’s entry:

I’m learning German in Vienna because I have decided to continue my University studies here in Austria. I did two years of a Communication degree at the University of Ottawa, but after two years, I was still unsure of what I really wanted to study! Instead of wasting another year, I took last year off and moved to Spain with my boyfriend and it was a great decision! I realized that I have a real passion for languages, and have decided to pursue this through my studies, and since it is free for me to study here in Austria (and my boyfriend is from here!) we decided to move here for our University studies. I am really looking forward to getting back to University!

I began learning German two years ago at my University in Canada. I started learning it because my boyfriend is from here and I knew I would be using it a lot with his family and friends. My German class ended up being my favourite class! I had a lot of fun learning it from the beginning, and now it is even more fun because I am at a level where I can use it everyday!

I first chose DeutschAkademie two summers ago when I was here for my summer holiday. I found the school through a Google search and it seemed to have the cheapest rates compared to other language schools in Vienna, so I thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical because of the low price, but I was very pleasantly surprised! I had a great time and my teacher was very helpful.

I decided to come back to the DeutschAkademie because I enjoyed it so much last time. It is also in a great central location that is also convenient for me since it is only two stops away from Südtiroler Platz, which is where my bus from Eisenstadt leaves.

That’s it for today, time to get ready for bed! Ich hoffe dass ich nicht krank werde!

Tschüß! 🙂

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Hallo! Ich heiße Jessica und ich komme aus Kanada. I'm currently taking German lessons at the Deutsch Akademie in preparation to study at the University of Vienna. If you have any questions about the Deutsch Akademie or life in Austria as a foreign student, don't be afraid to ask me!

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