What is above the Rooftop Restaurant?

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What is above the Rooftop Restaurant?

This day was really amazing. Nataṡa, a girl whom I got to know on my previous German courses in Deutch Akademie, suggested to visit Haus des Meeres. The idea seemed very nice to me and we met after lunch next to the entrance. We had a lot of wonderful impressions.

I adored looking at all the fishes and underwater magnificence and I realized how much I missed diving. After a couple of hours of observing the beauty of nature, we decided to go for a drink to a rooftop restaurant in the Haus des Meeres, which is called 360 Ocean Sky.

360 Ocean Sky

Unfortunately all the tables on the terrace were booked, so we had to sit inside, where the atmosphere is still very pleasant and enjoyable. But we badly needed to go to the terrace and make some cute pictures with this great panoramic view on Vienna.

The unexpected photo shooting

While we were striking the poses and looking for the best perspective for the photo, an intelligently looking young man approached to us. Furthermore he asked if we want to participate in a photo shooting for one advertisement. Basically, it will take place in one hour here on a roof above the restaurant. I thought: “Why not?”

Finally, we agreed on time and place where we had to meet. One hour later we were standing on the decorated roof of the edifice of the House des Meeres, holding cocktails in our hands. As the photographer and a cameraman were making pictures and videos for the advertisement, we were dancing, having fun and drinking cocktails with the people that we have just met.

Overall it was not a boring shooting, but an interesting party. A wonderful evening, isn’t it? Yes it was.

Additionally, during the shooting one more ex group mate, Alix, called us and asked if we wanted to meet. Of course we wanted to meet and tell her about our spontaneous and interesting experience. As the night goes on, we go to have late dinner to a Museums Quartier.

Alix is impressed by our story and I am asking myself, why all this interesting experiences are happening to me?

Conclusions of the day:

#1 Both the House des Meeres and 360 Ocean Sky if definetely worth visiting. However, if you plan a visit the restaurant, book a table next to the window or on the terrace in advance.

#2 If your intuition says that you have to do something, as a matter of fact, just do it! And if life offers you an opportunity – take it.

Bis bald, Anna