German grammar course in Vienna

Can you already speak German and communicate quite well in everyday life, but have problems with grammar? Or would you simply like to revise and improve your grammar? Then our grammar course in Vienna is just right for you!

Start: Every month across the year (all dates)
next course
6:15-9:15pm (CEST)
3 hours/day, 4 weeks, 24 hours (32 teaching units)
Monday+Wednesday or Tuesday+Thursday
In-house: Wien
Max. 12 participants

from B1.2. grammar course parts 1-4 (= one part per month, i.e. you need a total of 4 months to complete all four grammar parts)

Total price 195,00 €

Contents: What do I learn in the grammar course in Vienna?

Our grammar course covers all areas of German grammar in 4 months. The prerequisite is that you have mastered the basic concepts of grammar and can already speak well.

We normally use the course book "Sicher! Übungsgrammatik". The courses focus on the following topics:

Grammar course part 1

1 Nouns
1.1 Genus
1.2 Plural
1.3 Case: nominative - accusative
1.4 Case: nominative - dative - accusative
1.5 Case: genitive
1.6 n-declension
1.7 Adjective/participle as a noun
1.8 Word formation
1.9 Fugue sign

2 Article words
2.1 Definite article
2.2 Indefinite article
2.3 Zero article
2.4 Possessive article

3 Adjective
3.1 Adjective declension after the definite article
3.2 Adjective declension after the indefinite article
3.3 Adjective declension without an article
3.4 Article - indefinite number words
3.5 Comparative and superlative
3.6 Comparisons
3.7 Graduation by adverbs
3.8 Number words
3.9 Participle as an adjective
3.10 Word formation of adjectives and adverbs

Grammar course part 2

4 Pronouns
4.1 Personal pronouns
4.2 It
4.3 The
4.4 Indefinite pronouns
4.5 Prepositional pronouns

5 Adverbs, prepositions, particles
5.1 Local adverbs (1)
5.2 Local adverbs (2)
5.3 Temporal adverbs and adjectives
5.4 Local prepositions (1)
5.5 Local prepositions (2): alternating prepositions
5.6 Temporal prepositions (1): duration of time
5.7 Temporal prepositions (2): point in time
5.8 Prepositions: causal, concessive, final, alternative, modal
5.9 Prepositions with dative and genitive in the written language
5.10 Modal particles
5.11 Graduation through attributes

6 Verbs
6.1 Present tense
6.2 Perfect tense
6.3 Preterite tense
6.4 Past perfect
6.5 Future tense
6.6 Become

Grammar course part 3

6 Verbs
6.7 Verb complements
6.8 Verbs with prepositions
6.9 Reflexive verbs
6.10 Modal verbs (1)
6.11 Modal verbs (2)
6.12 Modal verbs subjective (1)
6.13 Modal verbs subjective (2)
6.14 Need + to - have + to - be + to
6.15 Help - hear - see - let
6.16 Know - can
6.17 Lay/lie - set/sit
6.18 Separable prefixes for verbs
6.19 Inseparable prefixes for verbs
6.20 Passive voice
6.21 Passive voice with modal verbs
6.22 State passive
6.23 Passive substitutes
6.24 Subjunctive II (1): Present tense
6.25 Subjunctive II (2): Past
6.26 Subjunctive II (3): Conditions
6.27 Subjunctive II (4): wishes, unreal consequences
6.28 Subjunctive II (5): Comparisons
6.29 Indirect speech
6.30 Noun-verb combinations

Grammar course part 4

7 Verbs
7.1 Main clause: Prefield, postfield
7.2 Main clause: Complements, details
7.3 Negation
7.4 Imperative (1): Forms
7.5 Imperative (2): alternatives
7.6 Interrogative sentence
7.7 Interrogatives
7.8 Connectors linking main clauses
7.9 Subordinate clause
7.10 That-clause
7.11 Infinitive + zu
7.12 Relative clause
7.13 Relative clause with wo, wohin, woher
7.14 Two-part connectors
7.15 Temporal clause: simultaneously (1)
7.16 Temporal clause: simultaneously (2)
7.17 Temporal clause: not simultaneous
7.18 Causal clause
7.19 Conditional sentence (1)
7.20 Conditional clause (2)
7.21 Final clause
7.22 Consecutive clause
7.23 Concessive clause
7.24 Adversative clause
7.25 Modal sentence
7.26 Verbal style - nominal style
7.27 Nominal style - verbal style

8 Spelling
8.1 Spelling (1)
8.2 Spelling (2)
8.3 Punctuation

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