Accustoming to new life

It’s already 2 months passed by since I arrived in Vienna. As I can say now, I’m already accustomed to the Vienna’s rhythm of life. However firstly some things were new and surprising for me. And about these differences between my Homeland and Vienna, I want to tell today.

When I landed in Vienna’s international airport at first I needed to get to the city. What was my surprise when I saw tickets for the train getting right to the City center! And only for 2-4 euro. Also then I realized, that transport question in Vienna is not a problem. Most likely it is an advantage. Because every kind of transport there is perfectly organised. It has schedule where with minute precision listed time of departure, arrival and road time. You don’t need to worry where to buy ticket for a bus and where for subway. Tickets there are valid for every public transport, so you just need to select required time validity – one day, week or month. Furthermore if you need an Internet access it’s not a problem though. Because almost everywhere here is a free Wi-fi point, just pick up your phone and connect.

However at the beginning it was a little discomfort for me, on the score of markets and shops which are not working on weekends. As in hometown we always used to do shopping on Sunday’s morning. But soon I changed my habit and now I’m painlessly accustomed to buying everything what I need in advance. Since I’m not the only one, who wants to have a rest on lazy Sunday’s morning, indeed 🙂

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