Beautiful Salzburg

A friend of mine came to visit recently so we went on a little day trip to Salzburg. Luckily for us the weather was incredible, and Salzburg is only two and a half hours away by train, so great for a day trip. This picture is taken from the Festung Hohensalzburg, which is an old fortress on top of a hill, so you get some amazing views of the city. We did a walking tour and learnt a little about the city, how it got its name from the salt being transported up and down the river. It was also the birthplace of Mozart, so we visited his childhood home. It was interesting to see what daily life was like back then. We also saw the catacombs which are dug into the hillside that the Festung sits on. After all of this we got on a river tour and chilled out for a bit, and it was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep! I would definitely love to go back to Salzburg again soon, maybe in the winter to see how it transforms.