Best German classes in Vienna!

Hello everybody! I am Stanislava, a 26-year-old girl from Ukraine. My profession is Marketing Specialist, but now I am on maternity leave.

My family and I live in Vienna. We have been here for almost 1,5 years. Vienna is my love for life. I can say with certainty that Vienna is the city that makes me feel like a fish in water. The only thing that did bother me was insufficient knowledge of German language. Of course, I cannot say that I understood nothing. Still, my university knowledge helped me a lot in everyday life. What knowledge do I mean? I studied Interpreting (English and German languages) but as I chose another career, my German is not so good. And as luck would have it, all people around me speak only Ukrainian, Russian or English. So, how could I improve my German language?

I decided to wait till my baby grows a bit to be able to go to a kindergarten so that I can attend courses. But what classes should I choose? Google offers a lot of variants, but how can I know what is the best for me? Once, we (my family and I) visited our friend.That was the first time we heard about DeutschAkademie. A friend of ours was so impressed with the classes, so my husband and I decided to go to see what DeutschAkademie offers. The first feeling was very good. The consultants were so friendly and ready-to-help that we were completely sure what to choose. DeutschAkademie fitted all our requirements and needs.

All in all, my husband has already started to visit classes, and I am planning to start in April. What am I waiting for from the DeutschAkademie? I would be glad to have a highly qualified professional who can become not only a teacher but also a mentor and a friend.

See you in April, DeutschAkademie!