Desire to develop!

The first day is already over, and the only thing I can say is that it was very impressive. To tell the truth, I was expecting something good, but not THE BEST! Our teacher, Anita, made everything so that we can feel ourselves confidently. I liked that no one judged us for made mistakes. Furthermore, we were told to make as many mistakes as we wanted to. Can you guess what this pushed us towards? We were trying not to do any mistakes, and this definitely helped!

One more thing that I liked was the atmosphere in our intercultural group. My classmates are from Iran, Hungary, Romania, Russia, China, Spain, Serbia, and Ukraine. All of my new friends can easily communicate with each other without significant misunderstandings. From one hand – we are all different, but from another hand – we are the same. And the main thing that unites us is the desire to learn and improve German. Let’s develop ourselves together!