End of three weeks!

Haas Haus

So, I have completed three weeks of my german course. I can see that I am improving every day, but I also see that I have a long way to go! Lisa (the teacher) is great. I know that her job is tough — teaching a language to people who do not know the language … entirely in German. Sometimes at the end of class, we play a review game. She makes cards, each one asking us to conjugate a verb, determine the nomativ and the akkusativ of a noun, or determine the plural form of a noun. Although I get the gender wrong almost every time I get a noun card, I still enjoy playing this game. It is a great help to helping us determine where our weaknesses are.

Above, I have a picture of Haas Haus on Stefansplatz. I think this building is really neat looking … and there is a Zara inside of it!

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