Final day

Do you now what has been making me happy, since my first post? I already knew how the last post would be called and what about it would be, it was kind of obvious, though.

So today was my last day not only at A2.1 course but in Deutsch Akademie too. For the last two months I have accustomed and attached to this place. Because it has it’s own atmosphere of friendliness and amiability. To be honest it was a little sad to leave this walls and people I met. But good things always have its ending.
By the way it wasn’t a regular day. Despite the fact of doing the same things, that we have been doing for a month so far. I felt myself very happy and thankful, for the time that we had, and I think today the most active mode of me was on. So we had a good last day, with a lot of laugh, important grammar and smiles on our faces. Just like other days there 🙂
I would really like to mention how good is Nina (our Teacher) at teaching and making the most effective atmosphere of language learning. It is a great pleasure to have so open, with good sense of humor and charisma teacher. I learned a lot during my two month education, and this is her merit.

My next aim is to reach the required German knowledge to star my Bachelor’s degree in University. But this is yet to come. And Now I’m going to start my deserved summer rest.
So Goodbye, Blog readers and have a nice summer!

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