Was macht ihr am Wochenende?

I am not ready yet to write a whole post in German… but, “Was macht ihr am Wochenende?/What are you going to do this weekend?” is  my question for you and, of my current post.

The current weekend is a longer one, Monday is a National Holiday in Austria. The Catholics are celebrating the Assumption of Marry (meaning the end of her earthly life). For the ones which are new in Vienna, I have to let you know, that on National Holidays all the shops are closed, like in a normal Sunday.

Even the weather is not so good, this does not mean our social and intercultural life has to stop. Because I was searching what I can do this weekend, I said I should share my list of events with you:

  1. So, for today, 12th of August, the Planetarium of Vienna invites us to watch the Perseids. Perseids is a meteor shower which takes place every year, from around mid-July end of August. In this period Earth is crossing the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle, debris from this comet litters the comet’s orbit and small pieces and bits slam into the Earth’s upper atmosphere. We can watch the Perseids anywhere on Earth, and the peak is in this night. The Planetarium of Vienna event is free and starting at 7 p.m.. More details, you can find more information on their website, in the Aktuelles – News Veranstaltungskalender.
  2. On Sunday, Prater is celebrating Franz Joseph I, and is offering free rides in some of their locations. Also, until the end of August, The Olympia Looping, the biggest roller coaster in the world can be found in Prater.                                                                                                              Good to know: 250 year ago, Joseph II opened the former hunting ground to the public and “everyone without distinction was permitted to walk, ride and drive freely in the Prater”. 20150301_172348
  1. Afrika Tage Wien Festival – on Donauinsel. If you like African music, you’re interested in their artists, craftsman, food or accessories… than you should definitely make them a visit. Monday is the last day of the Festival, so hurry hurry hurry.
  2. Impulstanz (Vienna International Dance Festival), their last day is on Sunday. If you are into dancing or you just like to watch other people dancing, then you can join them. They can be found in lots of locations, their shows are great, but you could also attend some workshops.

With the hope, that I gave you some ideas, I wish a great weekend and more sun!

Bis bald!

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