Mein Deutschkurs

I’ll tell you a little bit about my Deutschkurs and the atmosphere in the group. This is already our third week in class and time is going by so quickly. We’re covering a lot of ground fast, it’s an Intensive course, so we meet four times a week (Monday – Thursday) for three hours a day.

Sometimes, because of this, you feel like there’s so much information that you receive every day, and many homework to catch up on over the weekend. But at the same time, there’s an advantage to having the information fresh in your brain, as opposed to, let’s say a course that meets twice a week. Ultimately, I think that everybody chooses what’s best for their learning style, a half-intensive course allows you for more time to ponder the new information and perhaps gives it time to sediment, but it could also mean that you forget many things learned the week before.

The people are really friendly and committed to learning, they are from all over the world – Indonesia, Peru, South Korea, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Romania, and so, just like me, they want to improve their level of German so they live better here. Our teacher, Sinen, is gentle and pleasant, and helps us in any way she can. She tries to many the class as welcoming as possible, and that really shows, by including games and entertaining ways for us to engage with each other and practice speaking German.

Yesterday I’ve decided to book my next class, which starts in October, because I think I’m benefiting from being part of the DeutschAkademie environment and it’s helping me with adjusting to my life in Vienna. Thanks for reading and following!

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