My fovourite evening locations

I love Saturdays…why? Because these are the days I relax and go out with my girlfriend around Vienna. After hard working week, (usually I go out from my home at 9:30 and come back around 10 in the evening) it is very important for me just to take my time, dedicate it to my girlfriend, walk around the city and of course to eat :)Obviously one of the most beautiful restaurant you can visit is the “Salm Braeu Vienna”. It is located on Rennweg 8, 1030 near the monument of soviet soldier. This place is highly recommended for Austrian food lovers. They serve very delicious sorts of beer and all types of typical Austrian Food such as: Schnitzels, kartoffel salad etc.If you are looking for the place to drink some coffee and eat some cakes, I will recommend for you the cafe chain “Aida”. It is traditional Viennese cafe-shop. Again very delicious and so expensive.I consider my self as a American food lover, so my favourite place to eat is Australian pub. The serve different kinds of burgers and different sorts of beers. Also for people who like exotic food they offer very special dishes, such as: crocodile stake, grasshoppers and burger with kangaroo. 🙂x_93d2f99e.jpg

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