Travelling from Vienna (Part 2)

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Let’s continue the theme of travelling. Today’s post is about the possible trip to Brno.

Have you been to Prague before? It’s also really close to Vienna, however, if you’ve visited the Czech Republic before I bet you’ve chosen the capital of this country and not its so called economic center – Brno. This gothic and great city is situated on the hilly terrain what complements its gratitude and magnificence. According to my experience Brno is quite small to spend there more than one day that is why my advice is to buy one way and return tickets via to come to the city in the morning and leave in the evening.

For one day we have worked out a route around the city which covers all sights necessary to be seen. Starting from the bus station and going to the north of Brno you can observe several main churches: Church of St. Josef, the Church of St. John, The Ossuary of St. James’ Church, The House of the Lords of Lipá and Plague column.

Further in the north Koliště Park is placed where the Christmas market was organized. Nowadays, there are only small shops to buy some sweet treats and an ice rink. If you turn to the left you will see one of the famous Czech Republic educational institutions – Masaryk University. It has several faculty buildings which are quite close to each other. Near the Red Church tourists can change the direction of the route to the south making a circle and go to the favorited by all city visitors sights –  Špilberk Castle and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

These places are definitely worth to be seen as in my opinion they can be considered as two most peculiar and distinctive places of Brno. The excursion may be ended at the Vegetable Market Square from where it is easy to get to SKØG Urban Hub or Nok Nok where the dinner and drinks can be ordered. The latter offers national Czech soup which is scrumptious (experimentally tested) and the profiterole of the incredibly huge size. Do not forget to buy famous Czech waffles at any supermarket (they are extremely cheap there) and try Trdelnik of any delicious tastes at Trdlokafe.

Overall, Brno can be viewed as a perfect addition to Prague, which might help you to form more complete perception of the country. Furthermore, if you are a fan of the Gothic architectural style, this city will be certainly remembered by you for a long time.

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