Week 1 is over and I’m ready for the weekend

Today it is Friday and I’m happy that the week is over. Just as happy for how this first week back to German was. We worked on the Indefinitpronomen today, to complicate things a bit more. I say it in a very honest way, and as a person who loves languages and learning German: this language is tough! We finally get comfortable with a grammar rule or using a certain construct. Right away from around the corner comes a new challenge. So now we have something that looks a lot like an article, but has a different ending and it is a pronoun. And I write this with a smile on my face, don’t get me wrong 😊 Challenge accepted German!

To end the week on a very productive note, I walk to the beautiful Nationalbibliothek. It is just a few minutes away from DeutschAkademie passing through the Burggarten, and I get something done for my Master thesis. It’s lovely to study here, even though you have to pay a small fee to get in. It is very calm and the building from outside is an attraction itself.