What I like most about the course books


So, with each course you take at DA you’re required to get 2 books. #1 is a course book & the #2 is a work book. you need both to do the course… costs €19 for both. not so bad price. in college i remember some books costsing upwards of a small fortune.

anyway- for me the work book has been so helpful for my vocabulary. at the end of every chapter gives a vocabulary page you can fill in. this includes vocab from the chapter but also random helpful words you use in everyday life. for example, “Komisch!” = Odd!

I like how, the actual course book gives really thick juicy text articles that take a while to get through. They make example blog type inserts that are perfect for our level, but also include words that are more advanced to help expand our vocabulary. here’s a photo of what I’m talking about…


but overall the lay out & grammer instruction are good. i would have to sat that this book is a little imcomplete to describe the lesson completely. For example, if you bought this book and tried to learn the text without an insteuctor… i feel like you would not get very far 😳😁😒….



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