Free and Fun

In the Donau Park, children can enjoy a big playground with various recreational equipment. They range from seesaws, different adventurous slides, different balancing equipment, climbing spider nets, bars and rings for swinging movement, sandbox, stomping melody plates, different types of swings, playhouses and etc. Children find this equipment not only as having fun but also as challenging their physical movement and trying to conquer it with or without parental support. I am immensely amazed of their designs which help not only kids’ physical strength but also enhancement of their muscular skills. I believe that the latter is certainly connected between their brains and Gross Motor Skills. Personally, I discovered this by observing my daughter gradually gaining improvement in each playground equipment every time she had visited there.

I see this Donau Park playground as a big present from the city of Vienna (I guess). It is free for all kids. Moreover, each equipment and installation, from time to time, must be certified for safety use by a well-known certifying institute; for example, TUEV company. Even if fun is all around in this place, parents are also responsible for their children safety.