My friends in Vienna

I came to Vienna 2,5 years ago. I was 17 and for me it was very important to find some friends, and I think that I succeed. The thing is that I am studying at International Colleague, but many people have Russian roots, so obviously I have found a common language with them ­čÖé Actually I think, that it is one of the first reasons why I am not fluent in German yet.Going to Deutsch Akademie is giving you the opportunity to extend your circle of friends, meet new people and just speak German :)But communicating requires you power and you are absolutely tired after your working day and intensive German Lesson. It is a pity because I have lovely group-mates.People I communicate the most is Tina from Croatia and Yashar from Turkey. We are all living in 19 Bezirk and after German course we are going together back home. I can make a statement that Tina and Yashar are very interesting┬áinterlocutors. I hope that we will stay in touch after the course.Here is a photo of me and my friends:x_2c6dbe6a.jpg

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