What motivates me to learn German?

Basically motive consist of a set of a different reasons. For me I think this reasons are: Firstly, I am a bit of ashamed, because I live in a German speaking country for almost 2 and a half years-and I am still not able to speak German. Secondly, I want to stay in here, and of course this is not possible without German. Thirdly, in my opinion if you speak only two languages-you won’t surprise anyone, in my opinion almost everyone nowadays speaks at least two languages. I think that if you want to be some kind of special you have to know as many languages as possible. Finally, new language gives you more opportunities-to experience new countries, new literature, new culture and a whole new world.I think that if you are reading this post, you either already taking German Course or you start thinking about that. I like the way I have started to learn German. I like my teacher Julia, she charming and very interactive. I think that I have recovered a lot of my German for the past two weeks, thanks to Julia. We play a lot of games, some people might think that it is a bit childish, but I think that you learn the best out of games, because when learning becoming fun, you even do not notice how you are started to speak a new language.

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